10 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Relationship Right Now

Whether you are in the early stages of a romantic relationship or have been married for several years, fostering a healthy relationship requires commitment, mutual respect, and effort. Although the initial attraction and chemistry may have come naturally, maintaining that spark and connection requires work as the relationship progresses.


However, the efforts put into the relationship can be fulfilling and enjoyable. While every relationship is unique, there are ways to enhance the bond, friendship, and intimacy between partners. Here are 10 things that you can do right now to improve your relationship.

1. Ask your partner something new

The importance of communication in every relationship cannot be overstated. While it’s thoughtful to ask about your partner’s day, asking the same question repeatedly or failing to explore different conversation topics can become mundane. To improve your communication and strengthen your relationship, it’s essential to invest extra effort by asking your partner more specific questions. By posing novel queries, such as “How did that make you feel?” or “What are your work preferences?”, you can avoid falling into a routine, engage in active listening, and have more significant discussions.

2. Designate a monthly date night

Juggling busy schedules and endless responsibilities can make it challenging to find time for each other. To ensure that you prioritise your relationship and maintain that special spark, consider scheduling a dedicated night every month to strengthen your connection. Whether you seek to add some excitement to your relationship or simply desire to spend quality time together without relying on Netflix, setting a date can prove beneficial. Even a single night out can have a lasting impact on your relationship.

3. Say “thank you”

In long-term relationships, it’s easy to fall into a routine where we become overly comfortable, and our expectations of our partners grow. We may expect them to meet all of our needs, whether it’s their behavior towards us or their contribution to daily chores. However, expressing gratitude by saying a simple “thank you” when they clean the dishes or complimenting you can reinforce their positive behavior and make them feel valued. This appreciation can also help you remember why you love your partner. It’s crucial to express gratitude and appreciation for your partner’s presence in your life and the significance they hold, not solely for what they do for you.


4. Schedule a check-in

While scheduling may not sound very exciting or impulsive, ensuring regular check-ins with your partner is crucial for a strong relationship. Allowing small annoyances to accumulate can lead to significant arguments. Therefore, conducting regular check-ins can promote more effective communication, fewer conflicts, and a better connection between partners. After all, a relationship is essentially about two individuals trying to meet each other’s needs. Using a check-in approach, you can discuss recent triggers, problems, and even highlight positive events that deserve acknowledgment. You can schedule these check-ins monthly, weekly, or even daily and add them to your calendar to avoid forgetting or skipping them.

5. Remember the small things

To make your conversations more meaningful, it’s essential to listen attentively to what your partner is saying and recall those little details in the future. For instance, if your significant other mentions a new pair of shoes they want, take note of it to gift them on their upcoming birthday. Similarly, if your partner suggests trying a new restaurant, surprise them with takeout or make a reservation for your next date night. Remembering and acknowledging even the minor details demonstrates how much you care, listen, and desire to make your partner feel loved. Ultimately, it’s the small gestures that hold the most significance.

6. Let go of the past

The past can often become a source of arguments in a relationship and may even lead to future conflicts. It’s challenging to move forward when past fights or problems continue to linger in your thoughts. If you find yourself dwelling on the past, it could be a sign to step back and reflect on why you’re still holding onto those negative emotions. Perhaps you struggle with forgiveness, or maybe the issue that occurred is difficult for you to let go of. By understanding the root of your recurring feelings, you can gain more clarity about your own emotions and what you want from your relationship with your partner.

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7. Show your affection

It’s not enough to know how you feel about your partner; they should also feel loved and connected with you physically. Physical touch plays a crucial role in keeping the spark alive in long-term relationships, from holding hands at a restaurant to going to bed together. However, relying solely on routine physical touches like a kiss goodbye or a hug hello may not be enough. To deepen your physical connection, try surprising your partner with unexpected hugs, holding their hand while driving or watching TV, or giving a gentle pat on the arm. These small gestures of physical closeness can lead to emotional intimacy and a stronger bond between partners.

8. Learn your partner’s boundaries

Understanding and respecting your partner’s boundaries is crucial for a healthy relationship. It’s important to know how they prefer to communicate and what topics they may not feel comfortable discussing yet. Do they prefer to be left alone when upset? Would they rather text or have a phone call when you’re apart at night? By having conversations about these simple questions, you’ll gain a better understanding of your partner’s needs and preferences. It’s also important to communicate your own boundaries and actively listen to your partner’s needs. This will help you both feel respected and heard in the relationship.

9. Laugh together

To strengthen a relationship, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about the romantic or practical aspects, but also about the friendship between two people. While dividing household chores or physical affection may be important, it’s also crucial to enjoy each other’s company and have fun together. One way to do this is to make each other laugh at least once a day by sharing funny stories, recalling inside jokes, or watching a comedy together. Laughing together helps strengthen the bond between partners and reminds them to enjoy their time with each other.

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10. Make time to focus on yourself

The way we perceive ourselves influences how we behave in our relationships. If you lack self-confidence, you may seek validation from your partner, or if you struggle with solitude, you may rely on your significant other for constant company. To avoid any unhealthy behaviours, it’s crucial to cultivate a strong sense of self. Try exploring new hobbies, making plans with friends, and engaging in activities that help you discover your true identity. When you learn to love yourself, you’ll naturally become the best version of yourself for your partner to fall in love with.

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