2 ways to make money with NFT games

NFTs give players the power of how they use their in-game assets. From renting NFT characters out for a profit, to staking tokens, there are many ways to earn in blockchain gaming.

  1. Earning the in-game currency
  2. Breeding
  3. Minting new items
  4. Scholarships
  5. Staking tokens
  6. Virtual real estate

Play to Earn game currency (Token)

Majority of the blockchain games will reward you with their native token that you can eventually swap for cash i.e Sell to your fiat currency.

Lets use the Axie Infinity NFT game for example, they reward you with their native token called “Smooth Love Potion” (SLP).

The use of this token are two, one you can use it to breed more characters of the player, or enhance the one you have before. and also it is the in-game-currency. the value of SLP is $0.003673 on CoinMarketCap at the time of writing.

Some NFT games do not require active engagement like playing to earn token, while other games gives passive income. NFT games like Bomb crypto’s Treasure Hunts mode, requires the gamer to start the game while the in game characters do the rest, like clear all the levels and others, but unlike Axie Infinity, CryptoBlades and Splinterlands requires the gamer to do all the gaming activities, like involving ib battle to earn and other activities.


Image source: Axie Infinity

What you need to start earning on NFT games: A decetralised wallet and a blockchain NFT game of your choice and account, and start playing game to earn.

How much can i make on NFT games: earning on NFT game depends on the game Native currency which is used to reward you, how good you are at the game and lastly how often you play. like i said ealier, some games do not require skill to earn but still in Axie Infinity, players could earn from 75 to 300 SLP per day.

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2. Breeding

Blockchain NFT games is not just about fighting and and exploring but also about getting new NFT for free into circulations, here is how, Breeding in NFT means “minting a new token” and this put more token in circulation for the game. so basically what i have been trying to say is that, you can mint new NFT with the previous one you have and sell the minted one for the same value. e.g you can mint new NFT with Stepn run and earn with your previous one and get a net shoe in circulation to sell on the platform or Binance exchange.

What you need to start earning on NFT games: A decentralized wallet and a blockchain NFT game of your choice and account, and buy the NFT to start minting. each games have how their breeding works.

How much can I make: Breeding same as minting can require some investment from start, but for a higher chance of minting a very high value Nft you will need to buy high value nft.

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