2022 Hack: Learn to Trade Like a Pro on Coinpaga Just for $0 lifetime.

Learn crypto trading o coinpaga

you may have a lot of issues on how to trade crypto or maybe you have bought a lot of courses over the years that still did not work like you presume it to be.

i have the same issue while i was in the heist to join the crypto community and gain off it, but a lot of teachers on the internet, just because they want to stay unique in their teaching they confuse a lot of students by not going straight to the point.

The most profitable trading and risk-free trade which is also called spot trading are not being mentioned in many digital academies

in this article, i will give you the basic techniques on how to be a good and expert trader in just a few steps.

first of all, you need to have a coinpaga fully set up an account to trade with, and after that, you may proceed to the basic trading strategy below…

I will use Bitcoin as a good example

  1. Fund your coinpaga account with either naira or crypto asset like Bitcoin 
  2. On coinpaga, you have two wallets which are your naira wallet and your crypto wallet.
  3. if you have your naira wallet credited, all you need to do is buy bitcoin on coinpaga and make sure you note the price.
  4. once your bitcoin rises, you can as well sell-off back to naira and rip off your gain easy pissy.
  5. repeat these steps over and over again and makeup to 7 figures 

the basic steps listed above should not be hard to understand if you can calculate your profit and loss or how much you started with and how much you ended up making a profit.

you can ask questions in the comment section and it will be attended to thanks 

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