2023 Top 10 European Countries That Need Nurses

2023 Top 10 European Countries That Need Nurses

We list the top 10 nations in this article in need of nurses. With fifty autonomous states, Europe is the second-smallest continent in the seven-continent model of the world. Russia is the biggest and most populated of those 50 independent entities. In total, 746 million people, or almost 10% of the world’s population, reside there.

Europe is the richest continent in the world, managing assets worth over $32.7 billion, and having the largest economy worldwide. This amounts to about one-third of all global wealth. Western European countries are thought to be wealthier because many Eastern European countries are still in the recovery period. They are currently in a condition of recovery following the dissolution of Yugoslavia and the fall of the Soviet Union. Their economies as a result are not as advanced as those of their Western neighbors.

Top 10 Countries That Need Nurses

Because Europe has a lower cost of living than North America, life there is often enjoyable. Additionally, they have world-class healthcare that is statistically the finest in the world. North Americans, who likewise have a 23% satisfaction rate, are responsible for the majority of the world’s highest medical care costs. 70% of Europeans are satisfied, and their costs are much lower.

Now that the superiority of healthcare in Europe has been demonstrated, let’s continue the discussion. We’ll focus on the top nurse-needy countries in Europe in this post.

1. Italy

Except for the necessity that you pass a language test in the country’s original tongue (Italian), Italy is a great place to work as a nurse. They are also short on nurses, so they will gladly appreciate nursing aid from everywhere. In Italy, a nurse makes about €45,000 a year on average.

2. United Kingdom

In this instance, there are more nurses quitting the NHS than there are new licensees. With a huge immigrant population already present, it will be straightforward to take advantage of this chance to move and work as a nurse in the U.K. Higher-ranking nurses have it good despite making up to £35,000 annually.

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However, you would require a degree in pre-registration nursing, registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and passing their examination in order to practice nursing in the U.K.

3. Ireland

Ireland is a fantastic choice for nurses who speak English. Numerous nursing posts are open in Ireland. Ireland is a fantastic choice for nurses who speak English. There are numerous nursing positions available in Ireland. Nursing is also in high demand in this field.

You must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland before starting your nursing career. You would need to pass a language exam after enrolling, and applicants are frequently the subject of background checks. The quality of healthcare in Ireland is rising, and improvements are being made to the working environment for nurses.

4. Germany

In Germany, there are only 19 qualified candidates for every 100 unfilled nursing positions. Germany has begun a healthcare reform as a result, and as part of it, they are hiring nurses from other countries and updating its nursing school programs.

You would require an internationally recognized nursing license and program to help you adapt to the language, culture, and professional skills required to meet the German criteria. The German healthcare system is highly mechanized, which adds to its greater quality, and this is also crucial to mention. You might also require a visa, depending on where you are from. It’s also important to remember that salaries for nurses in Germany vary depending on their geography, skills, and experience.

5. Luxembourg

Despite their tiny size, Luxembourg is a tax haven and also boasts a robust economy. With yearly earnings ranging from €54,000 to €113000, they also compensate all of their employees very well, not just the nurses. The only issue with Luxembourg is the competition for jobs. Although there is a clear need for nurses, the tiny population and excellent working conditions make it difficult to locate employment. However, once you obtain a job as a nurse, the benefits go far beyond the income.

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6. France

In France, the average life expectancy is around 82 years old, and healthcare is relatively priced. The healthcare system in France is almost unmatched. Frequently, a patient’s health insurance provider pays for the majority of their medical costs.

They also have top-notch emergency services. Given that nurses tend to live long lives, there are likely to be many elderly patients in addition to routine patients and COVID-19 pandemic victims that need to be taken care of. France is a great country for nurses to work because of all of these qualities.

7. Denmark

Both citizens and residents can readily utilize the Danish healthcare system because the government finances the majority of it. The Scandinavian country’s healthcare system is excellent, as you might imagine. The working conditions here are probably the best in the industry, even for nurses who receive 6 weeks of paid vacation or annual leave each year. Nursing salaries are also in good ranges.

8. Netherlands

Excellent work-life balance, possibly the best healthcare system in all of Europe, and very stable economic conditions. Working in the Netherlands is a pleasure for many healthcare workers. To work as a nurse here, you would need a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), which is a degree that is internationally recognized. Then, you would have to submit an application for a work visa using the BIG register, which is just for medical professionals. Even though many Dutch people are fluent in English, it would be helpful if you could also speak in Dutch.

9. Switzerland

Although there is a scarcity here as well, the Swiss are a little tighter about accepting foreigners, particularly for employment. You would be expected to speak German, French, or Italian where you are. It would not be appropriate to use only English.

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Depending on whatever region of the country you wish to live or work in, you may need to pass one of these languages’ exams. Foreign applicants’ applications and credentials are handled by the Swiss Red Cross. It costs a lot of money to have your qualifications examined, and it may take months to accomplish. In addition to all of these, they have an excellent healthcare system and fair compensation for nurses and doctors.

10. Norway

Because of its socially progressive stance, high standard of life, and top-notch healthcare system, Norway is an excellent place for medical professionals to work. Due of their prolonged lifespan, they are anticipated to need about 100,000 healthcare professionals and workers during the following ten years.

In order to work here, you would need a work visa or permit, knowledge of the local tongue, and certification from the Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (SAK). The pay that nurses and other medical professionals are paid here is also quite alluring.


Because several European countries are making efforts to solve the shortage of nurses and other healthcare workers, nurses from outside of Europe who wish to relocate to and work in a country in Europe now have the opportunity. We believe that after reading this article, you would have had the knowledge and abilities necessary to take advantage of this situation.

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