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Coinpaga has free miner and trusted Miners and the different between these two miners is license Key. A Free miner can be anyone who has not been validated by the network hence have limited access to mine.

Trusted Miners, are miners who have obtained a validation key from the coinpaga validators. These trusted miners have undergo a 3/3 validation process and have been granted premium permissions to mine and con tribute to the network

Trusted miners/contributors play a crucial role in ensuring the integrity, security, and performance of Metacore blockchain and Coinpaga Ecosystem.

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In an effort to enhance the security and trustworthiness of the coinpaga network, the administrators of the cryptocurrency system have introduced a new policy to ensure that only trusted miners contribute to the blockchain. As part of this policy, non-trusted miners will be given a grace period of 48hours for new account to upgrade their status to become trusted miners.

You have the option to not migrate your account, and in doing so, you will keep your earned tokens. However, if you decide to migrate after 48 hours, all your earnings will be forfeited, and your account will reset once the migration is finished. It's important to ensure that you obtain your license key within the 48-hour timeframe.

We are sorry! Free members are not currently eligible to become a license validators. We keep a trusted community please kindly upgrade your account to gain access to this section.

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