Behind Bars and Loving It: Nollywood’s Ireti Doyle Celebrates 56th Birthday on Set of New Movie (video)

The queen of the screen, Ireti Doyle, celebrated her 56th trip around the sun in style by giving her fans a sneak peek of her latest project. The renowned actress, famous for her stellar performances in numerous box office hits, took to her Instagram on May 3 to share an exciting video of her on the set of a new movie.

In the clip, the veteran artist donned a blue prison uniform, playing the role of an inmate with her fellow cast members.

As the camera rolled, her colleagues, including the multi-talented comedian and actor, Ayo Makun, and the beautiful actress Iyabo Ojo, showered her with love and sang the melodious birthday song to celebrate her milestone.

Despite being in a make-believe prison, Ireti Doyle did not let that dampen her spirits on her special day, as she was spotted relishing every moment of her time on set, basking in the affection and admiration of her co-stars. She playfully called out Ayo Makun for making her celebrate her big day in ‘prison,’ but it was evident that the celebration was still very much lit.

It is without a doubt that the multi-talented Ireti Doyle’s latest project will be a massive hit, and her fans are eagerly anticipating its release.

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