Breaking: Man raises alarm about HIV positive woman who is on a “mission to destroy lives in Lagos”

A Nigerian man has used Twitter to warn the public about a foreign woman, whom he believes is HIV positive and is planning to spread the disease among residents of Lagos.

The woman has allegedly been deliberately spreading the illness to unknowing guys in the city, claims the man, who uses the Twitter handle @Adeeyo_jr.

In other news, an 8-year-old girl (name withheld) is said to have tested positive for HIV after being allegedly sexually assaulted by her mother’s boyfriend.
Jude Chinedu, alias Ijiegbe, the mother’s lover, is claimed to have had sex with the child in their home in Alegbor Community, Uvwie LGA, Delta State.
According to DailyTrust, records of the diagnostic tests revealed that the mom and her daughter had the terrible sickness.

The young child was transported to the hospital for a checkup, during which it was found that she had HIV. The mother underwent the same test, and she also came back positive.

Due to the boyfriend’s current whereabouts, the police are currently looking into the situation.

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