Campbell Foundation Fellowship Program – 2023/2024

The Chesapeake Fellowship Program has been launched by the Campbell Foundation with enthusiasm. The Fellowship is a two-year, paid chance to work in the field of environmental grant-making.

Each of our Chesapeake Initiative projects will receive one Fellowship (Civic Engagement, Agriculture).

With regards to the Campbell Foundation Fellowship Program

The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment was founded to enhance the ecological conditions of America’s greatest estuary system: the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays, and has been doing so for 20 years. The Campbell Foundation continues to find, broaden, and enhance leadership and community-based groups to improve local and regional water quality with its $5 million in annual grants providing (about 120 grants) from our Chesapeake Office. The Chesapeake Fellowship Program’s main goals are to:

Support the Foundation’s capacity to address complicated issues by embracing various skills, viewpoints, and experiences.
By strengthening their capacities and skills, expanding their professional networks, and increasing their awareness of conservation initiatives in the Chesapeake region, Fellows are developed to become future non-profit leaders.

Qualifications for the Fellowship Program

  • An appropriate bachelor’s degree
  • Success in this profession requires excellent communication abilities, both verbally and in writing.
  • Self-starter with drive who can function effectively and efficiently on their own.
  • a keen eye for detail and excellent organizing skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and the capacity to work with a wide range of stakeholders.
  • strong research abilities and innate curiosity.
  • Personal motivation to support the aims and objectives of the Foundation
  • Ability to come up with new, original solutions to problems and to act upon them.
  • shown maturity, adaptability, and solid judgment; decision-making capacity.
  • the capacity to prioritize, multitask, and fulfill deadlines.
  • Having the ability to work alone and wanting to find solutions on your own.
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Advantages of this Program

  • Become more knowledgeable about the Chesapeake Bay personally, consider predictions for the Bay’s future, and consider how the Foundation may use its resources to make a difference.
  • Working closely with program employees and outside partners will help you familiarize yourself with the
  • Foundation’s approach to grantmaking and partnerships.
  • The Foundation’s work in the Chesapeake should take into account both new and ongoing barriers to
  • accomplishing program goals, often outside of a claimed area of expertise.
  • Get coaching and mentoring from Foundation staff members who are experts in their fields.
  • Through cohort experiences, Fellows can expand their peer networks’ professional and support networks.

To help Fellows find their next professional opportunity, receive leadership development and transition support.
Explore, identify, and pursue significant grantmaking opportunities that could improve water quality.
Visit the official link for additional information on how to apply and the perks.

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