Crypto Crisis: $1 billion worth of Bitcoin loss forever as whale holder “Mircea Popescu” dies at 41

Crypto Crisis: $1 billion worth of Bitcoin loss forever as whale holder dies at 41

It has been made known to the public that Mircea Popescu a billionaire bitcoin owner is dead, a stash of virtual currency and a debatable crypto bequest is part of what he left behind.

The pioneer of BTCUSD, +4.28% bitcoin, who was known in the world’s No. 1 crypto to possess more than $1 billion, resulting in him then, belonging to a group of the asset’s larger single-holders, lost his life at the coast of Costa Rica, a Spanish-language publication reports.

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In the previous week according to, at Playa Hermosa de Garabito, Puntarenas in Costa Rica, a foreigner drowned. The victim was described as a Polish origin 41-year-old.

On the other hand, been a well-known name in Romania, Popescu on some sites has been acknowledged as a Romanian entrepreneur and blogger.

Popescu was regarded as an innovator in digital assets and an early adopter. According to an article in Bitcoin Magazine accounted by Pete Rizzo Popescu was acknowledged for starting MPEx which is a bitcoin securities exchange, about the same period as Coinbase Global COIN, +4.99% launched.

The worth of Popescu’s bitcoin holdings would have been close to $2 billion this year at its mid-April peak.
Bitcoin prices were shifting hands at about $34,295 at last check, up 3.2% on the day, and Ether ETHUSD, +3.70% on Ethereum’s blockchain was dealing at $2,079, up more than 13%, even despite reports that Binance the world’s largest crypto trading platform was dealing with a regulatory clampdown in the U.K., and a different report stating that the platform has been forced to desist from doing business in the Canadian province of Ontario.

Due to the circulation of Popescu’s death reports in crypto circles, some began to wonder what would become of his holdings.

Current news has that crypto does not relent in it bid to overcome China’s ban on bitcoin mining and crypto trading in the second-largest economy and the biggest crypto-miner in general.

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