Crypto Trading: Top 5 editors pick trading platform to use

Crypto Trading: Top 5 editors pick trading platform to use

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what is crypto trading
top 5 editors pick crypto trading platform to use this 2022
who is a crypto trader and how do they make profit
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what is crypto trading strategy
how to make profit trading bitcoin
how to make profit trading altcoin
what are the most traded altcoin in the world

There has been a lot of temper with most crypto traders not knowing what platform to use when thinking of trading cryptocurrency, and this has been a big problem to most traders.

Are you in need of the best trading platform? or you have issues with the previous broker you are using before you read this article? well you are in luck because in this article you will know the best platform to sell, buy, trade, swap and exchange your cryptocurrency.

Having full understanding of trading and types of traders will not be excluded.

following the table of content that listed above you can read below.


This is a way of taking a financial position either buy or sell in an individual cryptocurrency betting against US dollar or other country fiat money in other to make profit from the market price change, up and down trend and others.

“Crypto” is a short form to pronouncing “Cryptocurrency”

Top 5 editors pick crypto trading platform to use this 2022

As known to everyone, looking for a legit trading platform to use is a problem because as a crypto trader, there are many things to be considered while looking for one, like, is it legitimate?, are they reliable?, can i deposit and withdraw from the platform?, is it a registered company?, and many more.

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So you did not have to worry because this is an editors pick around the world, and they were picked for many reasons just like the saying “there is always a best in everything” e.g, insurance company, banking service, law firm, health care service, and others… have there best

Editor’s Picks For Best Crypto Exchanges:

Editor’s Picks Best Overall: Coinbase
Editor’s Picks Best For cryto Trading: Binance
Editor’s Picks Best To Earn crypto Interest: Hodlnaut
Editor’s Picks Best Trade Altcoins: Uphold

10 best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Overall Best Crypto Exchanges and Investing Platforms

Our top list for the 10 overall best cryptocurrency exchange and trading platforms.

This pick is ours and it is solely not a financial advice and this list will count from top 10 to top 1.

10. Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut is a platform that welcome you to save and lend crypto on their platform and also focuses on bitcoin and other stable coins.

So if you are looking to invest as trader Hodlnaut is an alternative platform to trade cryptocurrencies for you.

This platform earnings is up to 7.46% on your bitcoin invested and up to 12.73% on your USDC. this is for savings and lending on their platform.

Right now, you can earn up to 7.46% on your bitcoin and up to 12.73% on your USDC through saving and lending options on their platform.

Read our 

The good part is…

  • Pays high interest on holdings.
  • No minimum balance requirements.
  • You get $20 free when you deposit $1,000.
  • Weekly payouts.
  • No lock-ins.
  • Easy withdrawals anytime, anywhere.
  • Account is free to create.
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The bad part is

  • Only supports Few crypto like, BTC, ETH, DAI, USDC, and USDT
  • Their Support is based in Singapore and may be slow to respond

Try Hodlnaut here.

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Get $20 in-kind if you deposit $1,000.


Binance is a world wide great platform and happens to be the best trading platform that offers low transaction fees and great customer support but they do not have one of the strong or tough platform out there.

Try Binance here.

Note: Compare to the international version of binance platform, is the US-version and has a limited functions to the coins and tokens.

Read our full Binance review here.

The good part is…

  • Large amount of supported altcoins and tokens.
  • Completes transaction faster.
  • Low transaction fees.
  • Responsive and fast customer support.
  • offers low interest rate on loan.
  • High security options.

The bad part is…

  • U.S. has limited options compared to worldwide
  • Not available in all 50 states in the US.

Check out Binance here and get started >>

best cryptocurrency exchanges: Binance

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8. is presented to be one of the largest and fastest growing crypto exchanges in the world and yes it is, as we confirmed it.

It is a based Hong Kong platform that offers many altcoin and a big support for US-based customers.

The platform offers 90 tokens and coins worldwide, and 50 altcoins if you are in the United state, plus high solid rates on their crypto savings accounts.

The only issue with the platform is that they are only app-based at this time, there is no desktop platform

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Read our full review here.

The good part is…

  • Large amount of Altcoins supported.
  • Pays weekly interest on crypto savings
  • Get a debit card linked to your DIRECT BANK account

The bad part is…

  • They have a Complicated fee structure
  • No desktop support, only app-based
  • Limited customer support

Check out here and get started >>

best cryptocurrency exchanges:

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7. Bitcoin IRA

Unlike most wallets and exchanges, Bitcoin IRA is a little different you’re basically just exchanging currency and you are paying taxes on your gains. (learn how taxes on your cryptocurrencies work here).

With that being said, Bitcoin IRA is a combination of a crypto wallet, exchange and more that you culd imagine which is tax in crypto, with also being an IRA. This means that your trading profits inside your account are tax free or tax postponed.

Read our full Bitcoin IRA review here.

The good part is…

  • Inside your IRA, you can invest and earn in cryptocurrency.
  • Offers high security options.
  • Available for IRA Rollovers, Roth, SEP, Employer Plan 401(k)s and New or Existing Traditional IRAs.

The bad part is…

  • Charge high fees.
  • High minimums transaction.
  • Doesn’t support as many tokens and coins as other platforms on this list.

Check out Bitcoin IRA here and get started >>

best cryptocurrency exchanges: BitcoinIRA

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