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Canada is a lovely country and as at this time Canada is expecting to take more than 1.23million of people into the country in the next three years, so this makes it easier and faster for anyone who wants to move into the country. And if your are a pharmacist, moving into Canada will be very easy than you think.

However, You might be thinking why we say pharmacist can easily immigrate into the country, well it’s because pharmacist are one of the job Canada needs and demand which is one of the requirements for moving into the country. So if you are a pharmacist then you are lucky, You can start applying your visa because it is possible they invite you to Canada soon.

When you relocate to Canada, you have a chance to high standing of living, better work condition, good health ,better education to security and more. If you are reading this article then it means you are looking for a way to relocate to Canada as a pharmacist, So we will give you all the steps and information that are required for you to immigrate into Canada.

Firstly, Who is a pharmacist?

A pharmacist is not a doctor or a Physician, but they gives advice concerning health problems. A pharmacist is a health professional that prescribe drugs for little illness like headache, sore throat, stomach pain and other minor issues.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) A pharmacist is “a person prepared to formulate, dispense, and provide clinical information on drugs or medications to health professionals and patients.”

Types to Pharmacist

We have different types of pharmacist, and for you to move into Canada as a pharmacist , you will have to apply for immigration under the following types of pharmacist we have. Below are the different types of pharmacist.

Retail pharmacist:

A retail pharmacist are the ones who supply prescription and provide general healthcare and advices to people, they work in a pharmacy and supermarket, they don’t really work in an hospital.
Pharmacist are the ones who check and give you drugs prescribed by a doctor or physician.

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Clinical pharmacist

A clinical pharmacist are the ones who offers direct health services, they check and administer drugs to patient and also check their medical history.

The clinical pharmacist are always in in the clinic or hospital, they usually work with the doctors, nurses,physician or other health professional.

Hospital pharmacist

Hospital pharmacist are the one in charge of supplying drugs and advising patients on how to use them, They work in the hospital with the physician and nurses.

Consultant pharmacist

Consultant pharmacist is the type of pharmacist that gives medical advices on how and when a patient should use a prescribed drugs. They inspect the side effects and risk of a prescribed drugs based of the patient medical history.

Community pharmacist

The community pharmacist are the one in charge of supplying prescription of drugs to the public.
They gives answer to all patients questions and also advices patient on how to use drugs.
A community pharmacist usually work in a retail pharmaceutical stores, clinics, health centers,clinics and others.

Industry pharmacist

Industry pharmacist are the one incharge of analyzing medicines, conduct research and make sure the production of medicines that are safe to use . They test other pharmaceutical products and engage in the development of a new product.


In other to move to Canada, There are 90 visa programs that will help you do that but right now we will be looking at three that will help you immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist.

  • British Colombia Provincial nominee program for healthcare professionals
  • Manitoba provincial nominee program for in-demand occupations
  • Express Entry Skilled Federal Worker Program

Express Entry Skilled Federal Worker Program

This program is an online program, In this program you are expected to create a profile and in the profile you are also expected to to fill in some information and and you must meet with the requirements .

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The requirements could possibly be your work experience, age, education, language, proficiency, adaptability and so on . With this online program you will be able to immigrate to Canada as a pharmacist, And for you to be able to move to Canada, you will need to pass all this requirements in other to be quality for this program .

And there are some documents which you will need to attach when applying for this Express Entry Program:
Which are;

  • Means of identification
  • Birth certificate or record
  • Medical clearance certificate
  • Language proficiency test results for TOEFL ( Test of English as a foreign language ) or IELTS ( international English Language Testing System )
  • Educational Credentials Assessment
  • Police clearance report

All of these documents listed above are very important, and they also determine your level of success in qualifying.

But if you want to move to Canada as a pharmacist, the (ECA) is very important because it proves that your educational qualifications matches with the Canadian standard. You won’t need to take any evaluation examination once you for ECA.

After you have created you profile successfully, you will be placed in an Express Entry system pool with other candidates and everyone will be ranked base on Comprehensive ranking system (CRS) with a cut off mark which every candidate will have to meet up with or exceed .

You will be given a CRS score to match with the CRS cut off mark score based on the profile you created, Your CRS score will be particularly based on your age , valid job offer, education, language proficiency, adaptability and your work experience.

British Colombia Provincial Nominee Program For Healthcare Professionals

This particular visa program is limited to a particular province and for healthcare professionals where pharmacist fall under.

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For anyone who wants to apply for Canadian visa through this program, The British Columbia is in charge and set its requirements for it. So this is a chance for you to go and get it if you are a pharmacist and you want to immigrate to Canada.

Using this program, you can have the chance to to get a permanent residence to Canada.

In other to get nominated to immigrate to the province, you will to apply for this program online but note that you are doing this through the healthcare professional program.
In other to go through this program, You will have to be qualify for the the listed below:

  • Have at least two years work experience as a pharmacist
  • Qualify for one of the three federal program through the EE
  • Qualify to work in this particular job
  • Meet the language requirements even if it is the minimum
  • Have a valid job offer from an employer in British Columbia
  • Based on how you meet up with the above requirements after you application, then you will be scored and if your scores is high, you will be invited to the province.

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program For In-demand Occupations

Manitoba is another province in Canada, As a pharmacist, You can stand a chance of qualifying to move to Canada through this program as pharmacist are highly needed in this province.

Also in this province, pharmacist are always in to list of in demand.

You can be lucky to be selected from the Express Entry Draws through this program because the provincial Nomination program works under the Express Entry System but it is not under it.

However of you meet up with all the requirements, you are going towards its.

In conclusion, immigrating to Canada is easier and faster especially if you a pharmacist and you meet up with the requirements which are listed above.


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