“I Never still make am ooo since 2021, Europe no easy” Nigerian Man’s Struggle in Europe.

An individual of Nigerian nationality has expressed dissatisfaction with the difficulties and adversities he has been encountering since departing from his home country to Europe two years ago. 

He has disclosed that, despite being overseas for two years, he has been unsuccessful in finding suitable employment and quality housing.

In a video that has been posted online, the man was found lying inside a self-made wooden tent, claiming to be homeless and compelled to sleep in the wilderness. 

He has compared his present situation with his prospects for the future, stating that while he is suffering, nobody appears to be aware of his plight or willing to assist him, but when he achieves success, family members will start asking him for money. 

He has displayed the deplorable condition of the location where he and his companion have been residing, and made it evident to skeptics that he is currently in Europe and not Africa. The young man has requested a year to enhance his living standards and has expressed optimism that he will earn a reasonable income.

Watch the video below,

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