Meet Woman who calls off her engagement after fiancé asked her to cut off her baby daddy

Yvonne Kontoz, a Kenyan lady, broke off her engagement after her fiance demanded that she stop communicating with the father of her kid.

Yvonne, who has a child from a prior relationship, stated in a Facebook post on April 30 that her fiancé insisted on their breaking up with her ex-partner before they got married.

It was no longer necessary for Yvonne to keep her baby daddy involved in their life because her fiancé had informed her that he would care for her kid.

But because Yvonne’s daughter’s welfare is her top priority, she was unwilling to jeopardize the relationship between her and her biological father.

She claimed that she was uncomfortable with her fiance’s demand and that, because the welfare of her child is her top priority, she broke off her engagement to him.

She posted a screenshot of the message she sent her fiance to announce their separation and said,

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