Nigerian Lawyer Warns Married Women: Stop Begging Your Exes for Money, It’s Disrespectful to Your Spouse!

A Nigerian activist and brilliant legal mind has taken to the digital airwaves to sound a note of caution to married women who make the bold move of soliciting money from their ex-boyfriends. According to her, such a move is a grievous mistake that ought to be avoided at all costs if they intend to keep their marriage going.

The lawyer passionately spoke out, describing the act as a blatant disrespect to the woman’s partner, and went ahead to urge anyone who indulges in such behavior to stop it immediately to salvage their marriage. Her wise counsel is based on the view that such requests may inadvertently pave the way for unfaithfulness or even dangerous liaisons.

In her words: “Married women should steer clear of soliciting financial aid from their Ex’s. Not only is it a slap in the face of your spouse, but it also creates an avenue for adultery to rear its ugly head.”

The lawyer’s advice is a timely reminder of the importance of loyalty and devotion in a marriage, and serves as a warning to anyone who might be entertaining the thought of seeking financial assistance from their past lovers.

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