Nursing Jobs with Great Pay: The Top 10 Best Positions to Apply for 2022/2023

Are you a nurse seeking remote nursing jobs with great pay? If so, this article is for you since I’ll list some of the highest-paying remote jobs available.

There are numerous remote nursing positions that pay well. The most well-liked ones comprise working as a hospice nurse, home health nurse, or telemetry nurse.

These jobs give nurses the chance to work from home while still making a good living. There are plenty of additional well-paying remote nursing jobs available, albeit they might not be as well-known. There are many high-paying remote nursing jobs available, regardless of the type you’re looking for.

The top ten high-paid remote nursing positions are shown below.

Registered Nurse (RN)

If you’re a newborn, Look no further than the Registered Nurse (RN) – Neonatal ICU – Remote (Work from Home) opportunity in New York if you are a nurse seeking a highly lucrative remote position. This job is a great choice for nurses who want to earn high pay without compromising their work-life balance because it offers a competitive salary and the possibility to work from home.

You will take care of babies in the ICU in this position, using your expertise to make sure they get the best care possible. This position is ideal for you if you have a strong desire to assist people and want to work in a stimulating and fulfilling atmosphere.

Case Manager for Mental Health

The position of Behavioral Health Case Manager is a well-paying remote nursing position that offers assistance and care.

for people who require behavioural health care. The case manager will collaborate with the patient’s family to create a care plan, organize services, and represent the patient’s interests. Full-time employment with great perks is available.

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To make sure the patient receives the best care possible, the case manager will work with the patient’s doctor. In order to give the patient with a thorough care plan, the case manager will also collaborate with the other members of the care team, such as social workers and counselors.

Nursing Instructor

A registered nurse who helps students get ready for their nursing license and admission into the field is known as a nursing instructor. Although most of these educators work in colleges and universities, some may also find employment in medical institutions like hospitals and clinics.

Typically, nursing lecturers have a positive impact on the lives of diabetes sufferers.

Clinical Appeal Nurse

Reviewing medical records and deciding whether or not an insurance provider should pay for a specific surgery or therapy is the responsibility of clinical appeals nurses. To make sure that all the paperwork is in place, they collaborate closely with physicians and other medical professionals. Nurses who work in clinical appeals generally make $75,000 or more annually.

Medical coder

One of the most sought-after and well-paying remote positions in the healthcare industry is medical coding. Medical coders look over patient files and assign the proper numbers to diagnoses and treatments. This coding is then used by insurance companies to calculate reimbursement rates.

Medical coders need to be proficient in medical jargon and capable of working rapidly and precisely. Many Although there are many entry-level roles available, many healthcare coding careers require certification. Medical coders make money.

Nurse Abstractor

Those with the necessary credentials can choose from a wide variety of high-paying remote nursing positions. Some of the highest-paid remote nurses are nurse abstractors, who often make $40,000 to $60,000 a year.

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To be eligible for this employment, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in nursing and have some prior experience working in a medical environment. After being employed, you will examine medical records and gather data for the study.

Nurse Case Manager

A nurse case manager is yet another excellent choice for high-paying remote nursing positions. In order to guarantee that patients receive the services they require and that the care is delivered effectively, a nurse case manager coordinates their care.

This task is a fantastic choice for nurses working from home because it can be done remotely. The annual salary for this post ranges from $67,000 to $91,000.

Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners prepared to work remotely are in greater demand. This is due to the fact that nurse practitioners are in great demand and that anyone can employ their services. Additionally, a lot of nurse practitioners may now find well-paying remote nursing positions that provide a lot of freedom and flexibility.

Nurse practitioners can choose their own schedules and locations while still making a respectable living.

Nurse practitioner

Utilization Review Nurse

For RNs with the appropriate experience, there are several high-paying remote nursing jobs available. Due to their importance in ensuring that patients receive the care they require and those insurance companies are accurately billed.

This is a crucial position since it can aid in stopping healthcare fraud and abuse. RNs with experience in usage reviews can anticipate earning competitive pay.

How to Start Working from Home and Find a Remote Job

There are a few things you can do if you’re looking for a remote job to improve your chances of getting one that pays well:

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Concentrate your employment search on organizations that frequently employ remote workers.

Make sure your cover letter and CV are appropriate for remote employment.

Be prepared to sell yourself in interviews by demonstrating your independence and productivity.

You may locate a suitable remote job that pays well and lets you work from home with a little bit of work.

working at home. If you adhere to these recommendations, your job hunt will be successful.


There are numerous remote nursing positions that pay well. These jobs can be found online or by getting in touch with a staffing company that specializes in remote nursing assignments. These roles often pay more than standard nurse jobs, and the hours are frequently more flexible. Because of this, many nurses find remote nursing to be an appealing choice.

High-paying remote nursing jobs can be found on several websites, and many of them provide far more than standard nurse positions. Nurse practitioners should visit these websites and look for positions that match their qualifications and talents if they are interested in obtaining a high-paying remote nursing employment.

Furthermore, a lot of these websites provide a range of various tools that can aid nurse practitioners in locating the best distant nursing jobs.

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