Olakunle Churchill threatens Tonto Dikeh with a lawsuit, seeks apology

Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, well-known businessman Olakunle Churchill, has threatened to sue her for making what he believes to be defamatory remarks about him.

Recall that Tonto Dikeh accused Churchill of neglecting their child in a post on her Instagram account, forcing the two to exchange words and receipts.

The actress berated her ex-husband and his family for not taking better care of King Adrea, despite the fact that they had repeatedly asserted in court that they had won the child custody dispute.

Tonto said that since their divorce, Churchill has only paid for four months’ worth of child support and has never covered King Adrea’s tuition.

Her ex-husband accused her of lying when she described him as a con artist, a robber, a blackmailer, and a bad father.

In addition, Churchill charged Tonto Dikeh with creating tales about Roseline Meurer, his wife, stating that she kidnapped him from her.

He did not like the slanderous claims made against him and demanded Tonto Dikeh to retract all of her comments on her Instagram account.

In a letter sent to the actress through his attorney, Churchill warned her that if she did not offer an Instagram apology within 24 hours of receiving the letter, a lawsuit would be filed against her.
The letter reads:

We act as solicitors to Mr Olakunle Oladunni also known as “Mr. Churchill”,
hereinafter referred to as “our client” and on whose instructions we author this letter.
Our client informed us about the Social Media Posts, Videos and Interviews originating
from you which has been making rounds on social media with the: intention of
damaging our client’s image and good reputation.
You have deceitfully labeled our client, a Blackmailer, a fraudster, a thief, an
irresponsible father and a violent person without evidences to back up these claims.
You have fabricated and circulated false stories online such as the false statement that
our client blackmailed you into paying for a wedding despite you knowing fully well
that there was no wedding ceremony. What took place was our client’s payment of
your dowry which was a parlour event. No artist was invited, no celebrity was invited,
no decorations, no event planner etc., hence, the false statement that you incurred
the sum of A7,000,000 (Seven Million Naira) for a parlour dowry payment is alarmingly
outrageous and absolutely untrue. The dowry payment was only attended by 4 people
from our client’s side and despite all of this, our client still expended millions of Naira
towards this event which was in fact confirmed by you in the same defamatory video
you posted online wherein you said our client gave you the sum of #10,000,000 (Ten
Million Naira). You are fully aware that our client only went to pay your dowry as it is
your custom that where the dowry is not paid, the child belongs to the mother’s family.
Your father in fact made a video posted online, confirming the fact that our client paid
him over #1,200,000 (One Million, Two Hundred Thousand Naira) as your dowry and
we have this video. The arrangement was that the traditional marriage and the white
wedding between you and our client will hold at a later date which never held due to
the fact that the relationship came to an end shortly after.
You have further circulated false stories about our client’s wife Mrs Roseline Meurer,
stating that she was your best friend who met our client through you and snatched

Page 2 Reads:

him from you. This false allegation of you labeling our client’s wife a “husband-
snatcher’ and a vile person has circulated widely and brought disrepute to the image
of our client’s wife who is equally a public figure. You continue to push this false
narrative to the media outlets to gain public pity and cheap popularity despite the fact
that you know that Mrs Roseline Meurer was never your friend and was not
acquainted with you in any way prior to her wedding to our client. She has never even
been on the same movie production set with you and you have no proof of any
relationship with her.
You have further labeled our client a “yahoo boy” a popular phrase for fraudsters. You
even went as far as saying that our client is wanted in the United Kingdom and the
United States of America which is absolutely false, as most of our client’s businesses
are established in these aforementioned locations. Our client in fact lives in Europe. It
is worth stating that our client is a known and successful business man who owns
several legitimate and verifiable businesses and companies in different sectors ranging
from agricultural exports to soccer amongst others; both in Nigeria and other
countries across the globe. Our client has no duty/obligation to notify or update you
about his businesses or his office addresses even though you are fully aware of
majority of them. You are the one that is actually under investigation as the American
Embassy came for your case file in Ghana after many reports from Madina Police
Station on your acts of violence hence you are the one that cannot even get a visa to
these locations. Amongst other lies that you are known for, you once told our client
that Governor Wike of Rivers State was your uncle and that when our client visits
Portharcourt, you will introduce him to the Governor which never happened as your
own brother confirmed that you are not related to Governor Wike in any way. You are
well known for telling these lies and have continued to blackmail our client with these
false information
You claimed in your defamatory videos that our client physically assaulted you with no
proof to back this up but fabricated images. You have further accused our client of
being irresponsible for his son which is absolutely false as all his efforts have been
frustrated by you despite a valid court judgment to grant him parental access and
responsibility, which you are in contempt of.
All of the above false statements have been made publicly to tarnish our client’s image
all because of the simple fact that the romantic relationship between you and our
client came to an end. You have continuously defamed our client and posted the false
accusations/information on the YouTube Platform in order to make money at our
client’s expense. These false accusations have affected our client and his wife in their
businesses, their career and public images thereby causing distress to our client’s

Page 3 reads

family as a result of the lies, public humiliation and threats directed at them due to
your deceitful actions. Your continuous defamatory posts and untrue accusations have
been reposted by several platforms and blogs which we have proof of and which have
gone viral thereby causing severe injury and financial losses to our client’s business.
Our client has contacted you to retract your defamatory posts and has even granted
interviews to repair his image with valid proofs but you refused and continued to insult
and harass our client. We have proofs and numerous screenshots and recordings of
these defamatory posts made from your Instagram social media account with millions
of followers and reposted by other popular accounts/blogs.
This whole episode has left a sour taste in our client’s mouth who is a simple, honest,
easy going and a reputable business man. You have decided to continuously harm our
client’s business image and reputation just to gain cheap publicity at our client’s
You are hereby required to take corrective actions immediately by not only retracting
those false statements but also rendering an apology to our client for the same on
your official Instagram handle @tontolet. We have proofs that your defamatory posts
are baseless.
Notice is hereby given to you to retract your defamatory posts and render our client a
public apology preferably on your Instagram page @tontolet where you harmed our
client’s reputation, within 24 hours of your receipt of this letter; failing which we shall
not hesitate to invoke the full and compelling force of the Law against you.
TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that where recourse is had to litigation, our claim shall include
damages and cost of the said action.
We do hope that you will avert adverse consequences such action might cost you and
your reputation.
Yours faithfully,

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