Splinterland Twitter account permanently deleted due to unspecified violations

A blockchain-based NFT trading card game popularly known as splinterland has come under Twitter wrath after one of its tweetswent viral.

Twitter has hereby banned the services of splinterlands permanently.

Although the recent brouhaha on the NFT ban may have reduced, there is still controversy going on aboutTwitter suspending the blockchain-based gaming operator known as Splinsterland, although Jack Dorsey has openly accepted the NFT at its early stage, however, the platform has is under tough scrutinization of the app viewer.

What was shocking about the suspension of Splinsterland is the fact that no warning or explanation was given when the blockchain operator which offers gamers the opportunity to collect, trade and deals with scarce NFT collectables.

Recall that this was one of the first operators that embrace the unique characteristics of non-fungible tokens as part of its platform experience.

The company Twitter account was banned on June 23rd for no tangible reasons.

Although it has not been confirmed why Twitter suspends the activity of splinterland on its platforms, there has been some speculation about the operating company violating certain Twitter rights and policies about selling.

The policy state that“Illegal or certain regulated goods and services; you may not use our service for any unlawful purpose or in furtherance of illegal activities. This includes buying.

Selling and facilitating transaction in illegal goods or services, as well as certain types of regulated goods or services ”

The reason for the company suspension on Twitter platform still seems unclear due to the fact that the company is not a financial base company, it’s a gaming platform and it does not run a secondary market for it’s collectableswhich are over seen by the community,  it also very difficult to ascertain why the Twitter platform has to ban splinterlands considering the fact that otheraccounts involved in the activity

Splinsterland however has made several appeal to reverse the suspension, but with a cryptic message made on June 30th, Twitter still hold on to the suspension stating that it would be a permanent Ban and would not be replying to any further appeal made by the Account.

Splinsterland Suspension vs Twitter unveiling its own NFTS. Coincidence?

Chris Roberts, the content director for splinsterland pointed out the bad timing of apost published on Peakd amidst the speculations.

This comes after the company’s account suspension correspond with the decision of twitter to reveal its own lineup of NFTs for sales to over its 60 millions followers, making the Ban on splinsterland suspicious.

@CryptoStache: you seeing this!​​​​​​

#freesplinsterland http://t.co/zPQXnVKJdt

-Outside The Vox Thinking (@OutsideVox) June 30, 2021.

Peoples curiosity has also arose about Twitter suspending Splinsterland as to whether the platform is using its status to bring other NFTs players which might be a competition to its, down by lauching its own product “a la” Amazon.

Others NFTs operators like Chris Roberts from splintersland believes it could be a censorship highlighting the needs of more censorship resistant platforms like Block chain and Peakd.

Considering the fact that splinsterland operate on other platforms like Hive and even tweeted the news from their blockchain’s latest token pairing the same morning, it is still of concern that the censorship resistance the Hive Blockchain gives could also comes under the attack of social media giants.

This is because other platforms have had their hosting and other sevicescanceled by Big Tech platforms.

However, considering the fact that there is no evidence, the curiosity of people has not been quenched as to what bring about the ban and it sure does not look like Twitter is ready to lift the ban any time soon. 

Meanwhile, while all this is going on #freesplinsterland is raving really strong on Twitter as their users and supporter takes to the platform to demand justices.

And to make it better isSplinsterland named the Marketsquare’s Game of the month. Itssure a Rollercoaster for Splinsterland. 

Do you think Twitter suspending Splinsterland account Justified or has more to it? Letus know in the comment section.

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