Student Study Visa to Permanent Resident in Canada – Full 2023 Guild

With Student Study Visa to Permanent Resident in Canada, You will have so many opportunities once you move to Canada. The best thing is that you can live in Canada forever without worrying about being deported to your home country unless you lose your Permanent Resident status. You can work for any firm of your choice and for any employer. You are also free to travel in and out of Canada whenever you like.

The dream job for a Canadian student is to work there after graduation so that they can at least obtain work experience there. However, there are immigration routes in Canada that will make it simple for you to use your study visa to become a permanent resident there.

Obtaining Work Experience While a Student

You become qualified to work in Canada even though you are still a student if you receive a study visa to study there. However, while you are still in school, you are only permitted a few hours per week, and you cannot work for some firms, particularly off campus, without a study permit. Although you can work on campus during breaks and in other positions without a work permit.

The Canadian government also established a graduate work permit program, which enables foreign nationals who have finished their academic studies and graduated from a Canadian institution to continue living and working there after their student visas have run out. The Canadian government is taking a risk by keeping foreign graduates in the country in an effort to strengthen their economy and successfully fill open posts.

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These various employment will guarantee that you gain the necessary Canadian work experience, which is necessary when you apply for a permanent residence card in Canada. You should also keep in mind that if you have a legitimate employment offer from a Canadian employer, the process to become a permanent resident will go more quickly. It is much simpler for a company to offer you a job or sponsor your aspirations of permanent residence because you have already completed your education in Canada and likely gained some experience. You require a sponsor in Canada for the following reasons.

How to Convert Your Student Visa into a Permanent Resident Status in Steps

You may be sure that if you take the steps outlined in this post and use your student visa, you will quickly become a permanent resident.

First, enroll as a student in Canada
To make this work, you must first be in Canada. As a result, before considering seeking for permanent resident status, you must first enroll as a student in Canada. A step-by-step guide to enrolling as a student in Canada is provided below.

while you’re at it, gain some professional experience.

You should begin considering employment as soon as you land in Canada, not only to gain experience but also to assist with financial obligations. In Canada, finding employment as a student is simple. You have the option of working full-time throughout the holiday season or part-time during the academic year.

Make Sure You Meet the Basic Requirements for Permanent Residence

The prerequisite for permanent residency is significant. For a chance, you must fulfill each requirement. Here are a few of the specifications.

  • You need to have worked for at least a year.
  • the necessary language exam score
  • be exempt from deportation orders
  • not been found guilty of any severe crimes, among other things
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Choose the Best Permanent Resident Program

There are numerous programs from which you can select when requesting a student visa for permanent residence in Canada. But these are the top three for me out of the group.

If you studied for at least two years and obtained a degree in Canada, you may be eligible for the Canada Experience Class Program.
Quebec Experience Class
Provincial Nominee Programs

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