TG Omori advises women: Don’t settle for a broke partner

TG Omori, a prominent Nigerian music video director, known by his real name ThankGod Omori Jesam, has expressed his advice to women regarding the importance of choosing financially reliable partners. 

In a recent statement, he emphasized that selecting a life partner is a personal decision and should not be influenced by external factors. 

Omori, who is also known as Boy Director, shared his views on the matter through the social media platform, Twitter, urging women to base their choices on their aspirations and objectives.

Furthermore, Omori cautioned women against succumbing to societal pressure to enter into relationships with financially unstable partners, often in the name of gold-digging.

 Instead, he encouraged women to evaluate their own lives and make well-informed plans for their future. The music video director’s message was prompted by the recurrent accusations leveled against women on social media for their perceived materialistic preferences.

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