Undeniable Reasons People Hate Bitcoin

There are so many undeniable reasons why so many people hate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so in this article, I will be disclosing some reasons why a lot of people hate bitcoin despite trading it or not saying it.

Are you the type that just wants to start a bitcoin investment? or wants to make a profit doing it? read this article before you start to walk into the crypto space. 

Losing money: 

 You will never deny that you have never make a loss in the crypto space before even if it is just a penny it is still considered a loss, but I will assure you that 38 percent of people that lose money to the crypto space are losing to scam not to trading it the right way.

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Do you know that there is a right way to trade cryptocurrency? but a lot of legit companies have turned to scams by bringing the new deals to make the most profit for themselves and a small profit for you… but with all that you are the one left to chose between the new deal or the right way to trade bitcoin 

Gaining from trading: 

When you get carried away with the little amount of money you are making on trading cryptocurrency like bitcoin you will, at last, lose all your money to crypto.

This happens a lot when you are in the crypto space you will lose to the trade at last because no one will tell you when the market will dump on you. and there is no one to blame for this, it is just that no one alert when the crypto is dumping and no one is also alerted when it will rise.

but there are ways the expert do this with technical analysis but for the newbies, it is hell for them to know all this and the risk invoice 

what most poor do not know is that bitcoin cant make them rich overnight again, you can only make a reasonable profit or loss from it if you invested reasonable money in it.


A lot of newbies in the crypto space have suffered a lot of loss due to the scam activities on the internet and this has made some people break down to not making any money before they get out of the crypto trading generally. 

A word of advice:

 Do not trade or invest in crypto if you don’t really know the do’s and don’t in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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