We are looking for an Intern No experience required

We are looking for an Intern

No experience is required.

Local Residence (Tzaneen and surrounds).

Available to start asap.

Please send your application to hanna-let@insectscience.co.za

Closing Date 13 december 2023


In the wild, insects communicate with one another using natural substances called pheromones. They transmit warnings to help them attract mates, ship alarm indicators, or otherwise influence behavior.

Our primary focus is on developing environmentally acceptable pest-management strategies for the observation and control of insects that threaten industrial crops, grain storage products, and household and garden pests.

Insect Science has dedicated more than two decades to studying insects and their behavior in order to develop cutting-edge products that mimic natural processes. We are a leader in the development and production of semiochemical* based products, a crucial component of sustainable responsible pest management (RPM) strategies that are a part of a larger integrated pest management (IPM) strategy.

Insect Science was founded in 2000 and is located in the subtropical region of Tzaneen, South Africa. Farmers and home owners can produce environmentally friendly plants and flowers with no harmful residues with the help of our focused pest-management solutions.

Except for the employment of non-selective pesticides, we are the only privately owned company in South Africa with the in-depth knowledge and capability to find and synthesize semiochemicals and pheromone compounds particularly suitable to the administration of local pests in the African climate.

Our top-notch team of researchers reads every insect for years to understand how, when, and why they are drawn to particular plants and plants. Then, we synthesize these chemicals in our modern lab.

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The final product uses extremely precise launch mechanisms to replicate specific bugs’ behavior in order to either attract, repel, or disturb it.

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