“Wedding Bliss Turned to Tragedy: Newlywed Bride Killed by Drunk Driver in Golf Cart Crash”

A heart-wrenching tragedy struck a newlywed couple as they were joyously departing their wedding venue in a golf cart with two companions, only to be sent spiraling by a reckless drunk driver on a serene South Carolina beach.

The 34-year-old bride, who had just tied the knot a few hours prior, was taken away from her husband and loved ones in an instant, succumbing to the impact of the brutal collision that turned their cart upside down and sent it tumbling uncontrollably.

The groom, along with the other two passengers, suffered grave injuries, with the former being rushed to the hospital in critical condition, battling for his life. He underwent a complex reconstructive surgery to treat his multiple fractures and a brain injury, and another one is on the cards.

Investigations revealed that the driver of the car, Jamie Lee Komoroski, had been speeding at an alarming 65 mph (105 km/h) and barely applied the brakes before hitting the golf cart at 10 pm on that fateful Friday on Folly Beach.

The grieving mother of the groom set up a GoFundMe page to gather funds for her daughter-in-law’s final rites and her son’s mounting medical expenses. Meanwhile, the perpetrator has been charged with reckless vehicular homicide and three counts of driving under the influence causing death, facing a possible prison sentence of up to 25 years for each offense. She remains in custody at the Charleston County jail, and it is unclear if she has legal representation.

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