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Giftcard Trading


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Physical gift cards are actual physical (plastic) cards that are purchased directly from a physical store. Physical gift cards are the safest and will fetch you the best money return. Ecodes are digital gift card codes purchased online and mostly sent to the buyer’s email address. Ecodes are not as safe as physical gift cards thereby the money value is always lower.

This is a rather rhetorical question as no specific or general answer can be given. Gift card values and rates vary from time to time depending on several factors. So the gift card that has the best rate at this moment might be different in the next hour.

This is a card whose real amount is printed on it and as such the real value can be ascertained prior to the trade. For instance, if you see the amount of a card written on it then it has face value, otherwise, it has no face value

Gift card transactions typically take a few minutes. However, some gift cards like Apple Store, Walmart, Nordstrom e.t.c take more time than others. Average time will always be stated in trade terms but be rest assured we attend to all transactions as quick as possible.

Gift card providers have adopted the requirement of gift cards to be activated before they can be used as a technique to reduce gift card theft. When you purchase a gift card at the store, it will be activated for you after payment. Ecodes are also activated subsequent to purchase. But in cases when your gift card is not purchased through the right channel or is not properly activated at the store, it will not work.

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